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The main events of the season in Agrigento, including holidays, festivals, folklore and ancient traditions.

Festival of almond blossom

Each year, between the first and the second Sunday of Febbruary, Agrigento places itself at the center of the word with the Festival of almond blossom and the International Folklore Festival.

The Easter Arches

Among the events celebrating Easter, the one that takes place in San Biogio Platani is certainly one of the oldest, original and scenic.

Feast of the Taratatà or Feast of the Holy Cross

The festival takes place the fourth Sunday of the month of May and celebrates, with original war dances of groups in costume and parade of horses...

Festival of San Calogero

The Festival of San Calogero is celebrated from the first to the second week of July: seven days of joyful devotion and solemn celebration...
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