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Política ambiental

Our hotel is in accordance with the general principles established by the European environmental policy that aims for the achievement of sustainable environmental management. This means that in our hotel we have committed ourselves to follow some basic principles adopted by the European Union, both in the strategy of waste management and in the main directive aimed at protecting the water resources and energy.

The main measures adopted:

  • We followed the principles of bioclimatic architecture in the renovation of the building.
  • We have isolated the perimeter walls and the roof to avoid energy loss.
  • We have installed for thermal and acoustic isolation
  • We have installed devices tu turn off air conditioning when the host is not in the room.
  • We have installed individual thermostats in every room.
  • We have installed a management system to turn off energy when the host is not in the room.
  • We use energy saver light bulbs that allow to save up to 75% of energy instead of normal light bulbs.
  • On 2006 we replaced our boiler with a new generation one and more technological that enables an optimal management of hot water and heating with an important energy saving.
  • On 2008 we replaced our solar panels with the latest generation one to obtain a further reduction in energy consumption.
  • Constant maintenance of the hidraulic system.
  • Alternating the installation of showers and bath tubs we have reduced by 50% the water needs.
  • We use glass bottles and recyclable containers.
  • We promote a recycling and differentiated waste programme.
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