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Rich in history, the province of Agrigento has forty-two districts, archaeological sites, ancient castles, historic towns and prestigious monuments from every era. Many landscape variances make it a diverse territory to be discovered. Lovers of the sea can go to the Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte where a scaled white wall, beautifully shaped by the wind, drops into a turquoise sea. Torre Salsa: is another beautiful natural coastal reserve close to Siculiana. At Aragona, near Agrigento, you can visit the Macalube: a rare example of geological mud volcanoes.

For those who love caving exploration, Sant'Angelo Muxaro offers an extraordinary experience in the natural reserve of Cave Ciàuli. For those who prefer to visit historical monuments centers, the municipalities of Naro, called the “splendourous” by Frederick II of Swabia, and Palma di Montechiaro, the city of the “Gattopardo”, will offer valuable examples of baroque art and architecture and charming paths all to be discovered.

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